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Graphic Design Training, the Fundamentals and Beyond

During my career as a graphic designer I have used a variety of software to design and create a variety of work. One of the first steps in creating good design is coming up with a great idea. This can be a challenge but once that is done you need to be able to execute the idea. That’s where good training separates those whose ideas fall flat and those whose ideas come to life,  successfully capturing their target audience.

I believe in a foundational approach to learning software. This means I’ll teach you how to use the tools that Adobe offers. There are many tutorials out there that may teach a specific trick or tip but they don’t teach the fundamental skills that you’ll need to solve your own design problems later.  You’ll learn how to use these programs to create real world projects in a hands-on, fun environment where you are free to ask questions and get concrete answers.

I teach a variety of students at all different levels. Contact me to talk about your specific needs, or to get more information about group and private tutoring and training appointments.

Improve Your Digital Photos and Create New Ones

Adobe Photoshop is an amazing program. It has the potential to elevate your family photos, images and web graphics to an entirely new level. But if starting from scratch and expecting those results has become frustrating and overwhelming it may be time for a new approach.

I tailor each session to your needs but I also teach you fundamental skills along the way. You’ll learn about the tools, palettes and workspace in a very straight forward way. Hands on, guided training is the only way to get real world, working knowledge of this great program. I’ll guide you through color adjustment, photo effects, digital scrap-booking techniques and promotional ad creation all while learning about the foundations of the workspace.

Learn a new set of skills that will expand your creative potential, and most of all, you’ll have fun doing it.

The Best of Both Worlds: Why InDesign is the Best Program for Your Money

If you are looking for a program that offers complete versatility and performance for a variety of creative projects, InDesign should be at the top of your list. It offers some of the most commonly used vector capabilities of Adobe Illustrator like path creation and gradients as well as some of the visual effects of Photoshop like drop shadows and blending modes. In addition to the cool visual advantages, InDesign is the ideal program for creating multiple page documents like booklets, as well as any and all single page documents like flyers, business cards and brochures.

Create Professional Quality Flyers and Logos or Modify Documents from Outside Sources

Many of my customers are in the marketing and real estate fields and often ask for training to learn how to make their own flyers or advertisements. They also come wanting to learn how to modify PDF files sent to them by parent companies or graphic designers. Many programs can open PDF files but few offer the capability to modify them. With Adobe Illustrator you can create your own camera ready flyers or brochures but you can also modify most PDF files sent to you from other sources. In addition to this feature Illustrator is a vector based program.

This is important because all graphics created in Illustrator can be expanded to any size (think billboards and large posters) without changing the image quality. This makes it ideal for creating logos because they are usually used in a variety of sizes.

I offer instruction for Adobe Illustrator from beginner to intermediate students. You’ll learn logo creation, flyer design and some cool typography effects as well ad PDF modification–all excellent skills for anyone in the creative field.

Private, Corporate and Group Training Rates

I offer private and group training in house or at your business. These sessions are very helpful because you can tailor them to your needs. If your office needs training on how to modify Photoshop files, create documents and artwork from scratch or if your student needs help learning the basics for a class project please call me at 720-775-7154 to schedule an appointment.

Hourly Rates

I accept cash or credit card. Call today to begin realizing your creative potential!

  • 1-3 Students: $45 per hour*
  • 4-9 Students: $75 per hour*
  • 10-20 Students: $125 per hour*
  • 20+ call for pricing

*Group rates represent a total fee, not per student. Example: 4 students for 3 hours would be a total cost of $225.

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