Website Design

We could not have found a better Web designer! Jason was with us and on the same “page” from the beginning. We let him know what we were looking for. He took our thoughts and ideas and created the perfect website for what we do and what we thought our customers would respond to and be able to navigate effortlessly. Jason responded to our requests for changes and updates quickly. He was available to meet with us when requested. His creativity, graphic knowledge, promptness and talent has benefited us tremendously. Not to mention his price is right!

Susan Bertocchi, Business Owner–Parker, CO

Graphic Design Training

I hired Jason to help me expand my working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator CS5. He is extremely knowledgeable, a great teacher, and I highly recommend him to anyone who would like to learn Illustrator or learn it better. He is also a skilled artist and his suggestions on design are creative and useful. If you are deciding between hiring him vs. taking a class or online tutorial – hire him! Jason is also polite, prompt, and patient: no matter how much or little you know about this program his tutoring will benefit you.

Amber H., CEO–Englewood, CO

I work for a company that has given me the opportunity to put some of my graphic design skills to work. I am a beginner designer and was very nervous that I wouldn’t impress my boss. I know Jason from my church and see the wonderful design work that he has done. I asked if he could help me with adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign programs, they can all be a little overwhelming and a lot to remember. Jason is super. He went over all of my concerns and taught me the best way to work with each program. Every session I had with Jason help me gain more confidence and knowledge. Anyone needing help with these programs, Jason is the one to hire!!

Amy T., Parker, CO

Print Design

We are thrilled with the quality and timeliness of Jason’s work. Jason is professional and produces amazing results. I would recommend Jason to anyone who is wanting to make their organization look more professional.

Julie P. Director of a Non-Profit–Gillette, WY

Jason arrived, immediately set to work with me on a Adobe Illustrator 4×8 foot poster, using the digital images assembled on my Imac desktop. Four nonstop hours later we had finished a complex, scientifically correct and beautiful poster, one I look forward to exhibiting at an upcoming scientific convention. Jason works fast and efficiently, using time saving steps. He completed twice as much as I expected. That night I printed my poster at FedEx Office with the files Jason made for me. It was truly a thing of beauty. Jason’s sense of composition and art came into play too. It is a true pleasure to work someone who really knows what he is doing and works hard at it. I heartily recommend Jason as an AI tutor.

Al K.–Castle Pines, CO

Jason is a creative, reliable and effective graphic designer. He has been an integral part in helping ShipOffers complete a wide variety of design projects.

He communicates well, has great design expertise and is easy to work with. We feel very lucky to be working with Jason!

Gil G., Owner, ShipOffers–Englewood, CO